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Skrip Club Trick$  (USA Club Vibes)

Skrip Club Trick$ (USA Club Vibes)

♡ Tricks and combos perfect for baby entertainers & show stoppers! Think shakin' & air walking, as well as handstand twerk to a split drop. It would be preferred if you already have your invert & cross knee release. But no worries if not! I will be going over it during this class. ♡


Lets sl*t out together! (In the privacy of our own homes... Or pole hire 😛)


♥ Zoom class recording.

♥ Pole required.

♥ Have done a couple of pole classes/ learnt the basics (think chair spin, climb, sits and have started working on inverts).

♥ Shorts are essential, heels & knee pads optional but reccomended,  wear whatever makes you feel hot af! Pop the mood lighting on!

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