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A lil' bit on my pole journey


IRL... My name is YangYang :) Nice to  meet you!

I started pole dancing at uni.

It was something completely different to what I was used to & it came as a surprise to almost everyone when I became invested. I was always one of those kids that tried to avoid sports back at school. But the more I went to pole class the more I found I’d rather go and freestyle around my pole than revise for my Economics exams.

Fast forward a few years, I have now graduated with a 1st Class degree, found and lost a ‘normal’ job (due to Covid) and as it stands atm… I guess my LinkedIn title would be a Freelance Pole Dancer/Person! 

I started getting a few bookings when I was still working my normal 9-5 to perform pole in music videos. Since then - I’ve had more availability and have been able to perform pole, floorwork, dance and twerk in various music video productions, shows, events and parties (from rap videos to National Student Pride).

I am a mixture of self-trained & studio-trained with a heavy dash of freestyling at the $ Club and now during shoots & live performances.

If you want to know more... Have a watch of the video below! x

Thanks for stopping by!

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